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Margaret Speaker Yuan
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Keely Parrack

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Charles Markee

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Brian Bowes

Conference Masthead Illustration Designer
Alice Feagan

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Corina Vacco

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Keely Parrack

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Ilona Bray

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Kathy Urban

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Stephanie Kuehn

Conference Bookseller
Luan Stauss
Laurel Bookstore, Oakland

2013 Fall SCBWI Conference
San Francisco North & East Bay Region

Welcome to the wonderful world of children's writers and illustrators! This conference is designed for new and published writers, and illustrator/writers. Our faculty is extraordinary -- we can't wait!

Our Conference is Sold Out. The waiting list will open on a first come-first served basis for SCBWI Members ONLY on 9/1.

We are unable to make workshop changes for you. All workshops require a ticket for entry. You may only attend the workshop that you are ticketed for.

Congratulations to Alice Feagan, winner of our masthead illustration contest. We just love it! 

Congratulations to the debut authors selected to speak on the DEBUT PANEL, Corina Vacco, Stephanie Kuehn, Viji Chary, Annemarie O'Brien and Constance Anderson.

Illustrators - Best in Conference Award: We invite you to display your portfolio at the lunch break. We will be awarding a Best In Conference. You must be registered to display.

PAL Booksigning - If you are a PAL member and are attending the conference, we invite you to participate in our booksigning event during lunch. Sign up when you register.

PAL Bookstore - You can get all our speakers publications right at the conference plus check out the excellent selection of writing and illustration craft books, courtesy of our generous bookseller and friend, Luan Stauss, of Laurel Bookstore in Oakland.

Dates to Keep in Mind:

Manuscript Critique postmark deadline: August 9th. You must be an SCBWI member and registered for the conference, to submit a manuscript for critique. You may also participate in the the BEST FIRST PAGE Contest.

       Critiques are $45: Go to the Manuscript Critique tab for instructions.

Early bird online registration discount deadline: August 31st

       SCBWI Member: til August 31st or sold out, $119, from  9/1 - 10/15, $139

       Non-Member: til August 31st or sold out, $139, from 9/1 - 10/15, $159

Wait List: We will take a waitlist after 9/1 for Members only

Cancellation Policy: Cancel by 10/1 for full refund. After 10/1, you will receive a refund if we are able to sell your seat.


7:30                           Registration opens                                                          

7:45 to 8:20               Early Sessions / SCBWI members only

Robinson A               Find Out About Critique Groups and CRITCONNECT

                                  Assistant Regional Advisor, Keely Parrack

Robinson B               SCBWI Nuts & Bolts for New Members

                                  Co-Regional Advisor, Colette Weil Parrinello

8:30                           Welcome

8:45 to 9:30               Main - Keynote, Award-winning Author Nina LaCour

                                  Spinning a Three-Dimensional Character


9:45 to 10:45             Breakout Session 1

Main                         Agent John Cusick, Greenhouse Literary

                                  Pacing: What to Cut, What to Keep, & What Order to Put it                                        In

Robinson A                Authors Alma Flor Ada and Isabel Campoy

                                   Crafting Stories Through Verse

Robinson B                Senior Editor Kellie Chipponeri, Chronicle Books

                                   Pitching Novelty Books 101


11:00 -to 12:00           Breakout Session 2                                                           

Main                          Assistant Editor  Bethanie Strout, Little & Brown

                                  Variations on the Emotional Journey

Robinson A               Agent Stephanie Von Borstel, Full Circle Literary

                                 The First Step: Crafting Successful Query Letters

                                 & Submissions

Robinson B               Debut Authors Panel

                                  Constance Anderson, Annemarie O'Brien,

                                  Stephanie Kuehn, Corina Vacco, and Viji Chary

12:00 to 1:30 Lunch / Booksigning

1:45 to 2:45                Breakout Session 3

Main                          Agent Stephanie Von Borstel, Full Circle Literary

                                  Opportunities for Nonfiction and Fiction

Robinson A               Assistant Editor  Bethanie Strout, Little & Brown

                                  Crafting the Emotional Journey in a Picture Book

Robinson B                Agent  John Cusick, Greenhouse LIterary

                                   Standing Out: How to Distinguish Your Manuscript from the                                      Pack


3:00 to 4:00               Breakout Session 4                                            

Main                          Editor Kellie Chipponeri, Chronicle Books 

                                  World Building

Robinson A               Authors Alma Flor Ada and Isabel Campoy

                                  Weaving Diversity Into Your Stories

Robinson B               Author Nina LaCour

                                  The (Almost) Magic Toolbox: A Workshop on 



4:15 to 4:30              SURPRISE SPEAKER

4:30 to 5                   Panel

                                 Bethany Strout, Kelli Chipponeri, John M. Cusick, & Stefanie                                      Von Borstel

Closing Remarks      5 minutes

Schedule Subject to Change Without Notice

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