InterCall Reservationless Plus Conferencing Service for Small Business Conference Calling

In today’s technologically-driven world, having the ability to reach out to potential and existing customers is essential to driving new sales opportunities and, ultimately, growing your business. And while traditional business travel has always been – and always will be – an option to branch out and expand your reach, it is not always feasible for smaller companies who are working on a limited budget. That’s where conferencing services come in.

Thanks to modern conferencing technology, you no longer have to be a large-scale enterprise with a significant amount of capital to reach customers and partners across the globe. Leading audio conferencing service providers, including PGi and InterCall®, have made hosting and joining a meeting easy and incredibly affordable – whether it’s from the comfort and convenience of your desk, or out on the road with your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

InterCall’s Reservationless-Plus® conferencing service allows you to meet with up to 125 participants without the need for reservations. The Microsoft® Outlook® Plug-In lets your create, schedule and edit your conferences with pre-determined information right from your Outlook toolbar. The mobile assistance lets you store your meeting details on your smartphone, and saves you the hassle of remembering your conference info by allowing you to join or start meetings with a single click.

At the time of the conference call, your participants simply dial your Reservationless-Plus dial-in number, enter the conference code followed by the # sign and they are brought into your conference. As the leader, you will have a separate conference code that will identify you as such. If security is a must for your conference, there is an optional security passcode you can add for your participants to enter prior to joining your conference.

Once your conference has started, you have a comprehensive list of keypad commands available, including: change entry/exit method (i.e. tones, recorded names, etc.), private roll call, private participant count, mute/un-mute one or multiple lines, dialing out to a participant, break into sub-conferences, lock/unlock conference, record your conference, disconnect all lines, etc. As always, if needed operator assistance is available 24/7.

About InterCall

InterCall is the world’s largest conferencing service provider and hosts calls for 84% of the Fortune 100. For the past two decades, InterCall has aided businesses in increasing productivity by saving time and money via its reliable and cost-efficient conferencing and collaboration solutions. For more information on InterCall conferencing solutions, visit our website today.

Business Conference in India – Select the Right Venue in a Luxury Business Hotel in Bhubaneswar

India is a fast emerging destination for international business conferences, meetings and different corporate events. Now, leading corporate groups, organizations and clubs from across the world prefer to book MICE tours in India for successful business meetings, conferences and different other corporate events.

Choosing a world-class event venue in India is the right decision because of having picturesque destinations to explore. In this way, business travelers not only focus on their meetings, but at the same time get a chance to explore some of the amazing destinations and attractions.

Contemporary Venues for Business Conferences in India âEUR” Choose the Best One in Bhubaneswar

The Temple City of India is certainly an ideal gateway for holidays in eastern part of India. Being the business, political and commercial hub of Odisha and Eastern India, Bhubaneswar lure entrepreneurs, business persons and professionals for business trip throughout the year. They look for some of the best accommodation options and contemporary venues for grand corporate gatherings, business meetings, seminars, product launching and business conferences in India.

If you are also one of them visiting the capital city of Odisha for business meetings or any other business purpose, then you have better options available in the city. MAYFAIR Convention, opposite of MAYFAIR Lagoon, is one of the luxurious business class hotel in Bhubaneswar offering the right contemporary venues for Business Conferences in India. The luxury business class hotel offers highly gracious convention halls in Bhubaneswar for organizing all kinds of formal and informal events in the successful way.

As far as conference and meetings venues in the 3-star hotel are concerned, they include Central Hall, Crystal Room, Board Room and Meeting Room. Elegantly decorated and world-class Central Hall and Crystal Room are spacious enough to accommodate more than 1200 guests for grand dinner, cocktail party, wedding reception, product launching and business conferences. The halls are treated to perfect and designed in such a way as to endow with flexibility for the accommodation of different seating arrangements.

For grand corporate gatherings, corporate events, social events, weddings and gala dinner parties or cocktail parties, the luxury hotel in Bhubaneswar is certainly an ideal gateway.
With an aim to make your business conferences successful, myriad of state of the art facilities and world-class services are provided. In the selected conference hall or meeting room, you will get all the modern equipments required for meeting like projector, phone service, internet connection, comfy seating arrangement and so on.

You have to just book the venue according to your requirement and rest of the work will be done by the hotel staff.

Pre-Plan Your Business Conferences To Get Great Results

Conferences are beneficial for both businesses that attend and hold the event. Attendees can use it as a networking opportunity, whereas the business in charge can use it to promote them and develop professional relationships. Types of conferences range from corporate ones which are held in grand halls, to more informal ones which are held in modern, funky and stylish looking rooms. Some will offer a full buffet for you to enjoy, whereas others will only provide tea and coffee. No matter what type of conference yours falls into, this article will explore how to ensure it is a success.

Be Well-Organised

At the top of the list is to make sure you are well organised. Even if you have a simple conference layout and a basic tea and coffee service, make sure that everything runs smoothly. Have a briefing with the staff that will be helping out on the day and ensure they understand the ins and outs of the conference. That way you can ensure everything is crystal clear, meaning that staff can answer any questions that arise on the day, preventing any confusion.

Make An Impression

First impressions are everything. This is why it is so important that how the venue looks is very important. You wouldn’t sit down in a restaurant that you didn’t feel comfortable in; it is the same with winning business from conferences. If your conference does not look professional and impressive then you will not win business.

Just as first impressions are everything, you also don’t want to bore attendees. General rule of thumb is to leave attendees wanting more rather than them wishing they were somewhere else due to boredom. If you can keep content engaging for a while and include regular refreshment breaks, then by all means have it for an entire evening.

Just be mindful about the audience and ensure that you conference is interesting at all times. If you see the crowd getting restless ask for their input or have a break.

Check Equipment

The equipment such as speakers, the projector and microphone(s) must be checked prior to the conference in order to save you from the embarrassment. It is highly recommended to run through the conference once, this way you can ensure that everything is working properly when it should. Have someone sat in the audience who can test the sound and projections for you. At the end they can report back and highlight any areas that need looking into.

Have Fun!

Last but by no means least have fun up there! Whether you are talking to a room of 25 attendees or 1000s, it can be a very daunting experience. Before you start, take a few deep breathes to calm your nerves. See the conference as an opportunity to promote your business rather than worrying about things that can go wrong. We are all human at the end of the day and we all make mistakes, if this happens on the day just move on and try not to dwell on it. In most cases the audience will not have even picked up on the mistake.

Whether you are holding a meeting in a conference centre in Cambridge or Scotland, being well organised is key to success.

Why Conference Centre Hotels Located on 13th Beach Are Perfect for Business Conferences

Organising a business conference can be an exceedingly difficult task, unless you approach it in the proper way. For example, the most important task you need to get done after sorting out the list of delegates is to choose the conference centre hotel for the event. Everything else comes after that. If the venue chosen is not suitable for a business conference, then delegates are more than likely to leave unsatisfied. That’s because venues for conferences need to offer special amenities. You need broadband Internet, projectors and even Wi-Fi hotspots, to name just a few. Also, if the conference goes on for a few days, then you need to think about renting suitable accommodation for everyone attending the event. So, as you can undoubtedly see, choosing the proper venue can go as far as making or breaking the entire event. Choose this first and the rest will fall in place.

13th Beach has many business meeting venues that you can visit

13th Beach is famous for the many conference centre hotels located in the region. Simply visit as many of these corporate meeting venues as you can, and select the one most suited for your event. Check out the facilities offered by each of these locations when you visit those. Make sure that they do not just offer food and lodging options. In order to keep your delegates satisfied, you need something extra. Look for hotels that offer spa facilities and catered meals, in addition to proper accommodation. These additional features will go a long way in keeping delegates happy and refreshed throughout the event.

Do visit the meeting rooms before you make the choice

Whenever you visit a hotel in the 13th Beach region, be sure to check out the meeting room. Venues designed for hosting business conferences offer features like broadband Internet connection and projectors in every meeting room. Also, make sure that the rooms allow plenty of natural light to enter those. This will help keep the atmosphere feel natural and comfortable at the same time.

Try to rent a corporate meeting venue located close to the golf course

Is it possible to rent a conference centre hotel located close to the 13th Beach Golf Course? Then by all means, go for it. At the end of a long day at the conference, the delegates would love to go for a round of golf at the course, unwinding before another challenging day. Be sure to ask delegates which course they would like to try first though. The Beach Course and Creek Course require different types of skills to master and only a delegate is the best judge about the one he (or she) would be able to handle.

So, what are you waiting for? Rent a conference centre hotel located in 13th Beach today, for your next business conference. While you are checking out the venues located in the region, do consider checking out Barwon Heads resort for the wonderful features it offers. Hosting a conference at a place like this is guaranteed to keep your delegates happy throughout the event.

How To Select Business Conference Venues?

The business conference venues are very important regarding the success of business events. An appropriate venue signifies your interest, and passion towards your profession. It reflects the hard work behind the corporate event. As we all know that business is all about reputation. Thus the appropriate conference venue is essential to throw a positive image in the business world.

Here the question arises, what is an appropriate business conference venue? The answer is not as simple as it seems to be. An appropriate business conference venue is the one which enable the guest speakers to spark with energy.
All things are achieved through effort, and a number of essential arrangements. You need to consider many things before selecting a conference venue for your business, or company. The first thing is a clear idea about the budget, and requirement. The next thing is the sustainability. Your choice should reflect the culture, and ethics of the company. You should make the guest feel comfortable in the selected environment.

The next thing is the size of the venue. It should be accurate enough to meet your requirements. A very large or small venue can create management problems for you. The configuration of the room should suit the requirement of the event. Mostly, the centralised arrangement, and u-shaped rooms are best for conducting the business events.

The location of the venue is also an important element in the selection. It should be easily accessible for the guests. If your delegates are travelling from any other country, the venue should be located near the airport, or the station. The route of the venue should be easy and comfortable, so that the guest may not face any problem due to heavy traffic. Moreover, the adequate parking facility is an essential part of the venue.

A business conference venue is characterised by the state of the art facilities provided at the venue. The basic facilities for the business event include data projectors, screens, flipcharts, lectern, laptop, colour photocopying service, free Wi-Fi, or internet access. The overhead projectors, electronic whiteboard, and the network connections are very important in a power point presentation.

In addition to these facilities, you need to look for some other facilities, such as a water cooler, or small refreshments area, and a photocopy/fax service. Conferences usually last for more than one hour, so the chairs and furniture at the venue should be comfortable, and well spaced. Moreover, the conference venue should be well illuminated, ventilated, and temperature controlled.

The catering service is very important part of a successful event. Always select the venue that offers an on site catering service; otherwise, it will be problematic to get the service from outside the conference vicinity. Look for the conference venues that offer efficient catering staff. Thus, all the above-mentioned things for the selection of a right business conference venue are essential for giving a great conference experience.